Sustainability: Our Commitment


As we were developing our plans for Ophelia & Indigo, we both agreed from the start, that working in a sustainable way and ensuring we have a transparent supply chain would be central to our way of working.


It is for that reason, that we work with a trusted manufacturing partner in India, with whom we have a long working relationship. The factory is a long-established business, ethically audited and actively engaged in continuously improving conditions for workers.


It is a business that shares our creative vision and understands the importance of respecting the planet during the manufacturing process. We have worked to ensure that the fabric we have used is 100% cotton and have selected dyes with minimal chemical usage.


We are very aware that textile waste is a huge global concern so are producing small limited edition runs of our first collection with a view to selling out. We will be using surplus fabric to produce pajamas for the Pajama Program.



 We have chosen noissue as our packaging partner due to their commitment to sustainability and innovation in recycled, reusable and recyclable packaging. They have planted over 24,000 trees as part of their support of global reforestation and by using them we make a contribution to this. 




Your Ophelia & Indigo order will be shipped to you in a noissue mailer made from previously used plastic products including single-use bags, bottles and other common plastic items. It can be reused or recycled anywhere that accepts soft plastic recycling.


The tissue, stickers and address labels you will receive as part of your package are also recycled and recyclable.


Ophelia & Indigo’s journey is just beginning and in order to be fully sustainable we have a lot of work to do but we are fully committed. We will continue to put sustainability at the heart of what we do and ensure that all the people who make our product are supporting this vision.