Sustainability: Our Commitment

As we were developing our plans for Ophelia & Indigo, we both agreed from the start, that working in a sustainable way and ensuring we have a transparent supply chain, would be central to our way of working.


Our dedication to sustainable practices remains at the forefront of the business and we work with partners that support that vision.


With each design decision made, package sent and wider interaction, we carefully consider our environmental impact. Our relationships with our factories and partners in India are decades long and are the foundations upon which O&I was built. 


The factories are long-established businesses, ethically audited and actively engaged in continuously improving conditions for workers and not just at work.


They are family-run businesses that share our creative vision and understand the importance of respecting the planet during the manufacturing process. We use 100% cotton (almost exclusively organic) and use low impact dyes. 


We are very aware that textile waste is a huge global concern so we produce small, limited edition runs and buy with the aim of selling out. We use our surplus fabric to make pajamas for the nationwide non-profit, Pajama Program and work with innovators like FabScrap and AnyBag, who are repurposing fabric and soft plastic waste respectively. 


Loving your clothes for a long time not just the one time 

Against a backdrop of alarming over-consumption and waste, driven in particular by trends and fast fashion, we believe in less but better - making beautiful pieces with quality, longevity and timelessness in mind. We do not believe in trends as they are truly the enemy of sustainability. 


We also believe in the importance of a circular economy. Through our archive site, O&I customers can list pieces that they are no longer wearing, and receive cash or credit towards their next purchase. It is also a place to shop for samples or warehouse treasures - a great way of us ensuring that we find a home for everything that we produce. 


It is also possible to rent O&I through our favorite local Brooklyn boutique, Rue St Paul who sells a curation of other beautiful, sustainable brands. We hope to be increasing our O&I rental footprint in the near future.